Rest in Peace Omar Barrow – By Ebrima Jawo


April 10th 11th is still fresh in our minds. We remember the many young Gambian lives that were lost.

Please let us remember them in our prayers where ever we may be.

Remembering a friend, a brother, an in-law and a colleague as a young journalist/presenter at Sud Fm Banjul, Omar Barrow.

The fun we had together growing up within The Red Cross family, the jokes we shared and activities attended to improve life for humanity. Rest in peace OMAR. Sometimes history is ugly, we must not ignore what had happened.

Life is a big school where we all enrolled, every day you learn a lesson, it can be positive or something negative. If it is negative, please learn not to repeat that lesson but it does not mean that you have not had the lesson.

May their souls rest in peace.


Ebrima Jawo -  Apr 10 2017 at 1:37pm ·