Gambian Civil Society Groups To Protest At The White House Against Massacre Of Gambian Students On April 10th/11th Anniversary -  GAINAKO March 30, 2015

‘Groups Intensify Pressure To Hold Jammeh Gov’t Accountable For Student Massacre; Human Rights Violations And Political Oppression In Gambia’

 Press Release

On April 11, 2015, in Washington, DC, Gambian civil society organizations will hold a protest to  commemorate the 15th anniversary of one of the darkest days in Gambian history, the April  the 10th  and 11th  student massacre.  On this day, the Jammeh regime unleased security forces on students peacefully protesting the rape of a 14 year old student, and the death of another at the hands of security forces.

This day will be forever be etched in the consciousness of Gambians, and it is only fitting that this day be used, not only to remember the April 2000 victims, but also in remembrance of our gallant freedom fighters of December 30, 2014.

This protest will also serve as a reminder to the world by highlighting the continued abuses of the Yahya Jammeh regime against the LGBT community, religious leaders, government officials, journalists and the deplorable general human rights situation that affects every sector of Gambian society.

We invite all those who abhor injustice to stand with Gambians on April 11, 2015 in Washington, DC at the White House/Lafayette Park.


Coalition for Change Gambia (CCG)

Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (CORDEG)

Democratic Union of Gambians (DUGA-USA)

Democratic Union of Gambians (DUGA-UK)

Gambia Consultative Council (GCC)

Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG)

Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD)

National Resistance Movement of the Gambia (NRMG)


Save the Gambia Democracy Project (STGDP)