#April10and11 by Farimang Phatey

Our sons and daughters got murdered and then blamed;

Trigger happy animals let loose...lives abruptly ended;

Of all atrocities committed...none can be more insane;

The snide commentaries made afterwards...nothing but lame;


Our soil watered with the blood of our sons and daughters;

Shoot them...kill them...from above came the orders;

An Indemnity Bill hastily got passed to absolve the murderers;

The justice the martyrs deserved...tossed and washed down the gutters;


The survivors...the State for far too long shamefully neglected;

April 10 and 11, never publicly...under Jammeh's regime...commemorated;

It is the aftermath of dictatorship...justice, people en masse demanded;

As expected, official from the new administration responded;


Great show of solidarity...hope raising statements...but what next after that?

Will the new administration go beyond the show of oratory skills and make the light replace the dark?

I think from the piles they need to dig out the April file...No!...It is a must as a matter of fact!

Review the investigation conducted or better yet just hit the button: restart;


Extremely long I know is our beloved nation's todo list;

But is there anything more important to us than justice?

If people are to heal and reconcile...we must do this;

Ensure justice so that maintained will be our peace:


To all the departed souls, may Jannah be your final abode;

The memory of your ordeals those two days I really loath;

Remembered you shall always be in our prayers going to the Lord;

Justice for you and the survivors, we will demand until the drop of our pen's last dot.


Until we meet,


Farimang Phatey.