Pastor Francis Forbes talks on Truth, Transparency & April 10/11

“This day I remember many, many, years ago, very sadly in our country, on April 10th and 11th when students and people were gunned down. Some are victims today, some of course lost their lives and both victims and the families of those who lost their lives are still alive on this side of the eternal divide and thoughts commiserations are with them. We are trusting that they will come also into real justice for that situation and recompense retribution reparation and peace so that we can all move forward as a nation so our thoughts and our prayers are with their families and we trust that those who are alive whatever they have suffered that there is recovery,  mentally there is recovery physically there is recovery and emotionally there is recovery so that we can all move forward. We just extend our love to them all and their families tonight”

Pastor Forbes - GRTS 14th April 2018