Welcome to the Website of the April 10th 11th Memorial Foundation

The aim of the website is to preserve the history of the events of April 10th /11th 2000 in The Gambia when 14 students were killed and over 30 injured, some with life changing injuries, when a peaceful protest was viciously suppressed by Police and Paramilitary forces.

We are committed to make sure the sacrifices of these HEROES are never forgotten and that a government in the Gambia will NEVER AGAIN turn it’s guns on its children

We aim to compile witness statements, poems, videos, audio, documents, press cutting, and artworks to ensure that these events are never forgotten, and that all these materials are available for future generations.

We welcome:

      • Contributions of statements, articles, poems, artwork, photos and audio visual information releant to Aril 10th/11th
      • We welcome visitors seeking to find out more about the events
      • We welcome and encourage students of Gambian history, researchers and those writing about The Gambia
      • Volunteers to take part in gathering, compiling and classifying the information
      • Donors who can financially support this important work
    •  Please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.