The April 10th/11th Memorial Foundation has recently completed a funding campaign to fund event to commemorate the victims of the April 2000 Student Massacre.



On April 10th and 11th, 2000, Gambian students took to the streets to protest against the alleged murder of a male student, and the rape of a female student. In a normal democracy, protesters are protected. However, The Gambia Government, which was under the dictatorship of Yahya Jammeh, dispatched military forces that shot the students, killing and maiming many.


Seventeen years later, many of the survivors continue to face physical, medical and psychological effects of the attacks. 


In a democracy, such an event would be memorialized yearly but fearing another attack on these innocent citizens, until now the families of victims and survivors remembered this grim day internally.


Activists in the diaspora through social media and annual demonstrations, were the only ones engaged in openly remembering this day.


With the birth of a new democratic Gambia we were able to hold the first open and free commemoration events in The Gambia.




Many Gambian’s generously donated to these events and a March, Conference and Football match were held. This website was also set up.


With your support we hope to be able to continue these initiative and continue with our work to keep these events and the Student heroes in their rightful place in Gambian history.


We continue to campaign for JUSTICE for the victims



We hope that you can support us in this quest by making a donation through our donation button on the Home page. However small this will goa long way to supporting our work